The first ever proper local & independent personal agent on The Lane

Quality is not a numbers game.

As a seasoned property professional, I have devoted nearly three decades to refining the craft of bespoke property services. Operating as a personal agent, I meticulously manage a select number of transactions at any given time, this allows for an in-depth understanding of each client’s distinct need and requirements. This personalised approach has proven not only efficient but also harmonious, nurturing relationships founded on openness and transparency. My dedication to customised service has cultivated a client base that grows primarily through referrals, underscoring my commitment to excellence and integrity in every transaction.

An objective led approach. 
Utilising a unique, in-house proprietary live dataset, I possess the tools to scrutinise the local property market with unmatched detail and accuracy. This holistic perspective enables the extraction of profound, data-driven insights regarding supply, demand, and the current market phase, and offers statistical probabilities of achieving a sale at the desired price. This method offers my clients a substantial advantage: access to essential, lucid insights that foster informed and effective decision-making. By converting complex data into tangible guidance, I equip my clients with the necessary knowledge to navigate the market confidently and successfully.

Working with me
In working with me, you will have a professional and accountable partner who not only brings extensive industry expertise but is genuinely committed to making your property journey a personalised and enriching experience.
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  • 1.	Market Absorption Rate for Ealing:
	•	47% of the properties have been sold.
	•	53% are still for sale.

	2.	All Listings by Property Type:
	•	Detached houses: 103 listings with a market  absorption rate of 38%.

	•	Semi-detached houses: 159 listings with a market absorption rate of 49%.

	•	Terraced houses: 219 listings with a market absorption rate of 53%.

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