About me

Who I am - What I do

I am a personal agent specialising in the sale of property in and around Pitshanger Lane. I use data to provide commentary and advice on the local property marketing, meaning my advice is informed by live market metrics, as opposed to subjective opinion.

How I do it - The method

Harnessing the power of an in-house proprietary live data set, I am able to observe the local property market in its wholeness and at the highest resolution.

Not only can I unlock deep, data derived insights about supply, demand and the local market phase but I can even tell you statistically your chances of selling with any given agent and their accuracy when it comes to pricing property.

Why I do it - Informed clients

This approach allows my clients to be advantaged with clear and key, data derived insights, invariably leading to a better informed and productive decision making.


Completed on 1.8Million transaction and by doing so, formed part a handful of agents in Ealing to sell property above the 1.5Million mark. (2016)

The first agent to complete on a transaction on Neville Road, Brentham above the 1.1Million. (2020)

Set a record (which still stands) for the highest price achieved on Denison Road, Brentham (2017) and Bellevue Road. (2020)

First agent to ever sell a property exceeding the 1Million mark in UB6. (2015)

The first ever proper local and independent personal agent on The Lane.

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