The Process

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

Accurate property valuation, for me, is now distilled into a three-step process. The initial step is to form a comprehensive understanding of the overall economics shaping the market, bolstered by acute awareness of local market expressions across various pricing segments and property types. This approach, while simple, is logically structured and offers several advantages.

Market Overview & Analysis

Conducting a thorough market analysis at local, national, and international scales enhances credibility and establishes a robust foundation for the valuation process. This not only inspires confidence in pricing dynamics for both buyers and sellers but, crucially, reveals the precise statistical likelihood of achieving a successful sale within the targeted market.

For Sale Comparable Properties

In the second refinement phase, a critical step involves scrutinizing current local property listings for sale and those that have been withdrawn. The accuracy and completeness of this data form the bedrock of reliable results. Mastering the skill of comparing and interpreting this information requires a trainable acumen, emphasizing the need for a “trained eye and an open mind.” Nevertheless, from experience, it becomes evident that fostering an open mind presents a more formidable challenge.

Sold Comparable Properties

The final step in the “holy trinity” of property valuation requires a comprehensive review of both completed (sold) listings and those currently under offer. While sold data is freely available via the land registry, it typically lags by around five months. Therefore, it makes sense to also consider the currently under-offer listings to correlate the sold data. Despite its relatively lower weight due to the delayed sold data, this step serves as a strong confirming indicator of value when integrated with the earlier phases of the valuation process.

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  • 1.	Market Absorption Rate for Ealing:
	•	47% of the properties have been sold.
	•	53% are still for sale.

	2.	All Listings by Property Type:
	•	Detached houses: 103 listings with a market  absorption rate of 38%.

	•	Semi-detached houses: 159 listings with a market absorption rate of 49%.

	•	Terraced houses: 219 listings with a market absorption rate of 53%.

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